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Hops and Herfs: A Day at Boomtown Brewery

Hello, darlings! It's your Cigar Madame here, inviting you on a delightful journey to Boomtown Brewery in the heart of Los Angeles. This modern-day haven mirrors the craft spirit of California's historic gold rush towns, but here, we chase dreams of hops and artistry instead of gold. While Boomtown doesn't serve cigars, my dear flame Benicia and I brought our own to enhance the experience. From the meticulously crafted beers that whisper of passion to the cherished cigars we savored, every moment resonated with creativity and indulgence.

The Boomtown Welcome

My arrival had a humorous start with a no-smoking sign that almost dashed my spirits—until I spotted its witty counterpart forbidding crossing with beer.

The venue itself was a spacious sanctuary adorned with plants and an open-air vibe that embraced community and environmental care.

A Craft Lovers Dream

As a connoisseur of all things craft—be it cigars or beer—I was in my element. So there I was, feeling daring and going for the Imperial Stout, only to find out it was like wrestling a bear—way too tough for my taste! Luckily, the bartender swapped it for "The Nose Job IPA," a delightful brew with a zesty citrus twist that won me over instantly.

Hearts and Crafts

The highlight of the day was a heartwarming pet adoption event by Tipped Ears, a commendable group from Compton devoted to rescuing cats. While I wished I could give every cat a home, my solo pet back home might disagree. If you feel a little tug at the heart, consider supporting their noble cause through a donation or adopting.

Humidor Twins

In a serendipitous twist, Benicia and I discovered we had brought matching Drew Estate travel humidors to the brewery—hers red, mine blue. It was a delightful surprise that added an extra layer of fun to our day, proving that great minds think alike, and so do great smokers!

From Brews to Bonds

The selection of beers was impressive, with a range of IPAs and my adventurous encounter with The Nose Job IPA. The brewery is a sanctuary not just for beer lovers but for families and creatives, featuring a vibrant patio adorned with Los Angeles art and an atmosphere that pulses with life.

Wrapping Up with Craft and Laughter

After enjoying the bolognese from a local Italian food truck and sharing laughs over our cigar puffs around the building corner (we were asked to relocate from the assigned smoking section to around the building) Benicia and I continued our evening at V Cut lounge to meet friends. The day was a testament to the joys of craft, from the beer we sipped to the cigars we cherished.

Why Boomtown is a Must-Visit

Boomtown Brewery is more than just a beer spot; it's a cornerstone of the Los Angeles craft scene, fostering community and creativity. If you're looking for a unique venue for any event, Boomtown's adaptable space is perfect for making your occasion memorable.

So, my lovely darlings, embrace the world of crafts where every detail has a story, and every story deserves to be shared. Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the cigar lifestyle, and remember, keep those flames of passion burning bright!

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