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Welcome to my world! I'm Coco Maria, affectionately known as the Cigar Madame, a vibrant fusion of cigar connoisseur, passionate entrepreneur, and lifestyle enthusiast. With roots deeply planted in the rich soil of the cigar community, I’ve cultivated a space where luxury meets leisure, dedicating my life to exploring the intricate dance of cigar culture and sophisticated living.

As the visionary behind the Powdered Puff Society, I champion the empowerment of women through the communal spirit of cigar smoking, merging tradition with a pinch of rebellion. My journey is also captured vividly on my blog and through my podcast, ‘Ashes of Insight,’ where I delve into the stories behind the smoke, offering listeners a blend of industry knowledge and personal anecdotes.

Beyond the smoke, my interests weave through the realms of holistic wellness, gourmet experiences, and the relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. This website serves as a canvas for my thoughts, a diary of my adventures, and a gateway for like-minded spirits to connect and share in these experiences.

Join me on this journey, and let's celebrate the art of living boldly and savoring every moment. Here’s to long ashes and even longer stories!

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